Time to Pray

Just an update—short and sweet. Well, not too sweet, actually.

And the update is….. (drumroll please)

Absolutely no news.

The possibility of January has passed and we are now praying for February while slowly digesting the possibility that it could be even later than that—March even, which is when we’d hoped to have Desi home. Of course, anything is possible—for better or for worse—and we are working to keep our spirits up in this holiday season which thankfully has provided us with numerous distractions.

Yes, we know that God’s timing is perfect. And yes, looking back one day we will eventually forget the pain of this wait. But in this moment, today, now, there is some pain and some disappointment to cope with. And I am asking for prayers for my family as well as the other families who have waited so long to have their babies in their arms, that God would perform a miracle on our behalf, and send word that our exit permits have been approved in the coming days, and that our court date will come quickly.

I know and believe the power of prayer is a force to be reckoned with. And while we have asked so much of you in the past seventeen months, my request today is most urgent. I ask that you take five minutes of your day today and pray that this exit permit would be approved and that we would receive word of a court date soon so that we can finally bring this little one home. I also ask you to pray for the other families who are waiting for the same phone call I am—that their court dates would come swiftly and that their families would finally be united.

We will wait for Desi as long as necessary and will never lose hope or faith that he is coming home. My greatest wish this Christmas is to receive news that we are finally moving again, and that we are one step closer to bringing this baby home. Thank you, friends and family, for every part you’ve played in this journey. We know we can count on you to love us through this final leg, and we so look forward to sharing good news with you very soon.


One Comment

  1. Linda Long

    I pray each morning while I run through the cold air and beautiful trees; believing that only God could create a peaceful place to pray. As I do each morning, I will continue to ask God to give you all the sign you hope to see…HOPE

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