Take Your Mark…

As many of you know, several years of my life were spent as a competitive swimmer. Even now, almost a decade after my last swim meet, I remember with complete clarity the feeling of standing on the block, completely rigid, waiting motionless for the gun to sound and the race to begin. Even the motion of a deep, heavy breath could be enough for a line judge to disqualify a swimmer with a false start, so the focus, and self-discipline necessary to hold steady while every muscle in your body is pulsing with energy to move is something every new swimmer has to learn. It is not a passive wait, but a highly intentional one to ensure that when the gun finally sounds, the reaction will be so explosive that the dive will cut sharply through the water and carry you with some momentum before the swimming actually begins. Last night, while counting down to midnight to ring in the new year with my husband, I could almost hear God speaking through the voice of an old line judge saying, “Take your mark…” I felt my body tense and my mind become sharp as I realized that we are about to start an incredibly miraculous, and long-anticipated race to finally bring Desi home. And while there is very little to do until the moment our agency calls with the official date, the to-do list written on my hallway calendar is running out of space for tasks that need to be started the moment the gun sounds, and every muscle in my body is pulsing with energy as we wait for that phone call to come.

While there is always room for timelines to change (as we learned from the painfully long exit permit process), we expect to hear of our court date in the next 2-4 weeks! And four weeks after receiving our court date, we will be in Seoul, South Korea meeting our boy for the very first time. All signs point to next month or the following, and the miracle that we are finally here has not sunk completely in my heart. My husband has heard random squeals throughout the day as I realize time and time again just how close we really are and how faithful God has been to get us here.

At this point, the only thing that could hold up our timeline is the requirement that Desi’s birthparents be notified of the final adoption plans so that they can give up their final parental rights and allow us to take full custody. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about this step in the journey. The judge we’ve been assigned to will not give us a court date until he is sure the birthparents have received these notices and returned them with the required signatures. If he has difficulty finding the birthparents or if they decide to pursue more information before terminating their rights, then this stage could be long and painful. Since the birthparents could have changed their minds at any point in this adoption up until now, my prayer is that the last fifteen months of Desi’s life have affirmed that this decision, as painful as it must be, is still how they wish to proceed. From what we learned about Desi’s birthparents, the birth father was very clear in his decision and removed himself before Desi was born. But we do know this decision for the birth mother was painful and drawn out. Her decision was quite selfless and so I imagine the next couple weeks for her will be painful. This woman gave birth to my son, and therefore at times I feel our hearts are linked. I pray that God surrounds her with peace through this painful time and that the next couple of weeks will bring word that the plan for Desi is still in motion. I do not believe she will change her mind, as this is very rare in Korean culture for multiple social reasons, so I encourage you not to worry over this matter. God orchestrated a plan for Desi’s life a long, long time ago, and I have full faith it will come to fruition.

I thank you, as always, for your continued prayer and consideration through the next few months. We knew 2016 would be a year of waiting and we walked faithfully through it, knowing God’s promise to unite our family in 2017. And now, here we are! Standing on the block waiting for the gun to sound and kick-off two international trips to the fourth-largest city in the world to bring home the most precious baby boy in the world.

We love you sweet Desi! Mommy and daddy are coming soon!



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